I have a completely self-contained office including a license to use the latest CAD - Creo & Simulator (formerly ProE & ProMechanica) to assist in developing my designs, as well as using supporting software such as TK Solver, MITcalc, Kisssoft and bespoke gear calculation programs.

CAD data is often transferred daily to Customers' Windchill servers to maintain constant updates.

  • Epicyclic gearbox concept design and detail
    • Multi-planetary, flexible planet-pin load sharing technology
    • Full complement reverse-star planetary design, and build
    • Compound planetary design
    • Straddle-carrier designs, flexible sun & ring gear
    • Clutchpacks
    • Rotating gearcase epicyclics & pitot lubrication
    • Low speed & high speed applications




  • Parallel shaft gearbox concept design and detail
    • Parallel shaft, bearing arrangements
    • Clutchpacks




  • Wind turbine gearbox concept design and detail
    • 300kW to 3MW
    • Rotating and fixed casings





  • Sample ProMechanica analyses

 brg cap bolts1Capture2