Example Projects / Assignments: (in no particular order and not all are listed)

Ricardo MTC: Motorbike Gearbox Design: Design Engineer

  • Ricardo MTC secured a contract to design and prototype a new gearbox. Engaged to design 6-speed gearbox to fit into an existing 5-speed. Investigated concepts; evaluated designs and developed creative, multi-torque path gearbox; presented solution to Ricardo, eliciting feedback; produced detailed design concept and manufacturing drawings; played role in failure mode study with Harley-Davidson; and contributed to prototype testing. Succeeded in developing prototypes that passed testing and proved to be fit-for-purpose based on the original design.

Ricardo MTC: Hybrid Gearbox Design: Design Engineer

  • Ricardo MTC were commissioned to design and prototype a hybrid epicyclic gearbox combining 2 electric motors and an IC engine for a Ford Mondeo. Engaged to lead design phase of this project. Gathered requirements; designed concepts for various gear arrangements, identifying best fit-for-purpose concept; designed gears and prepared detailed gearbox design; produced manufacturing and assembly drawings; and provided support during manufacturing phase. The hybrid gearbox designwas completed successfully, meeting all packaging & interface

Compact Orbital Gears: Wind Turbine Gearbox Endurance Design & Test:Project Manager

  • COG obtained a government grant to perform endurance testing on a previously designed wind turbine gearbox. As Project Manager, led endurance design & testing. Elicited requirements and reviewed gearbox drawings for test rig; designed back-to-back test rig and performed stress analysis; designed hydraulic system that dynamically simulated wind loads; combined hydraulic control and computer systems to provide test loads; assembled performance monitoring system; and conducted full endurance test, compiling and reducing data for final report. Succeeded in executing endurance testing and providing the client with relevant performance data.

Harper Adams University: Prototype Differential Gearbox

  • Harper Adams University required a differential gearbox for the development of a hybrid agricultural vehicle. Engaged to create conceptual design, manufacture and assemble prototype. Developed preliminary concept and detailed design applying flexible planet pin technology; performed gear train analysis to verify design; created detailed manufacturing drawings; liaised with manufacturers to secure customised parts; and assembled / tested design at customer facility. Succeeded in designing, manufacturing, assembling and testing the prototype which earned complete customer approval.

Andritz AG: Centrifuge Gearbox Design

  • Andritz wanted to replace hydraulic units of centrifuges with a gearbox to improve utilisation and manufacturing cost efficiency. Engaged to design high-ratio, high-torque, high-speed rotating gearbox. Elicited client requirements; created conceptual designs using PTC Creo CAD; developed gear design with KiSSsoft software; performed stress / vibration simulation analysis of casings, couplings bearings, seals and oil distribution systems using PTC ProMechanica FE analysis; and created assembly drawings, parts lists and 3 assembly manuals. Design was completed, resulting in a provisional patent. Now pending manufacture and testing.

Romax Technology: CVT Gear Casings Design

  • A Romax customer needed gear casings designed for a CVT transmission, including mechatronic valve block, provided by a Japanese truck manufacturer. Engaged to design necessary gear cases. Met with client to scope requirements; reviewed client’s CAD files and designed casings to fit with client’s truck and gear designs; conducted ProMechanica FE analysis on casings to support personally created design; and created detailed manufacturing drawings of casings and models for castings manufacture. Successfully completed gear casings design which were manufactured and are currently undergoing prototype testing in Japan.

Prodrive: Torque-Vectoring Transmission & Differentials Design: Principal Design Engineer

  • Prodrive was commissioned to develop a World Rally Car (WRC) requiring an innovative torque-vectoring 4WD transmission. Engaged to design torque-vectoring differentials, clutch housing and gear casings for gearbox. Liaised with Prodrive and customer to elicit requirements and packaging constraints; designed clutch housing and gear casings; conducted structural analysis of casings & shafts; and prepared manufacturing drawings. Succeeded in designing transmission casings and differentials which led to the development of mock-ups that were fitted to the WRC.

Orbital2: Wind & Marine Turbine Gearbox Designs: Design Engineer

  • As a new start-up, Orbital2 required gearbox engineering design support for new wind and marine turbines. Engaged to design & prepare proposals. Developed initial ProE designs and PowerPoint proposals to outline various concepts for gearboxes; prepared detailed designs; performed FE analysis on casings, bearings and structural parts; and created manufacturing drawings. Produced concept designs that became integral in Orbital2’s early development and positioned the company as an established player in the field of wind and marine turbine gearboxes. 

WinWind: Wind Turbine  Gearbox Designs: Design Engineer

  • WinWind was a wind turbine manufacturer headquartered in Espoo, Finland, manufacturing and supplying wind turbines with a capacity of 1 and 3MW. I was engaged to provide the concept and detail design, including FEA and manufacturing drawings, for a 3MW onshore wind turbine gearbox.

Ricardo MTC: Veyron Differential: Design Engineer

  • Responsible for the design of differential gearing and casings for a 20 cylinder version of the Bugatti Veyron (before the advent of the 16 cylinder production model). Fully designed, detailed and prototyped.